On this website we host culture assessment tools for coaches, consultants and workshop facilitators who are a member of the Model of Freedom Association.

Associates involved in change processes, personal growth, conflict transformation, recruitment or mergers and acquisitions, will here find a cost-effective way to handle their projects.

All tools have one thing in common; they focus on behavior in an appreciative manner. Mission, Vision and Strategy may be in place, our tools uncover what people actually perceive as going on.

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Through our basic and advanced accreditation programmes, professionals can acquire the right to work with the Model of Freedom and to become a member of the Model of Freedom Association.

Our accreditation programmes are facilitated by CMC-Europe. Click here for more information. You will be forwarded to the CMC-EU website.

The Personal Cultural Profiler assesses personally preferred behaviour in a management environment. It maps an individual’s cultural orientation. From this we can conclude on strengths and weaknesses in a specific cultural environment, and predict and understand different working styles.... read more >>

ReadyToGo is a quick and efficient way to map the cultural strengths and challenges of a person who is preparing for business abroad. The awareness of one’s own cultural preferences and insights in those of a new country will show to be important elements of one’s success ... read more >>

Country Culture Profiles help the professional traveller to gain quick insight in a country’s national culture. If we speak about a national culture in these profiles, we only indicate the mainstream cultural preferences in a majority or important minority of a country... read more >>

The Corporate Culture Scan assesses the perceived current culture, cultural changes, and ideal culture in the organisation. This is vital information for everybody involved in capitalising on human resources.... read more >>